Umpqua Astronomers

Founded in May 1986, after the return of Comet Halley. At first, a handful of astronomy enthusiasts gathered to share a common interest in stargazing. The new club was the only active group in Southern Oregon at that time. Blessed with nearby dark skies, the club emphasized observing and learning the sky. As the club gained new members, community outreach and regular monthly meetings were added.

Umpqua Astronomers has about 25 active members from Oakland to Tiller, from Glide to Camas valley. We meet each month in Roseburg at the Douglas Forest Protection Conference Room (off Channon and Airport streets). Newcomers are encouraged to come at 6:30 to ask questions and learn about the night sky. The regular meeting starts at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Each month we discuss a bit of club news, what's new in Astronomy, what's up in the sky and have a feature presentation. Anyone interested in astronomy is welcome to come to the meetings.

Umpqua Astronomers is the sole astronomy club in Southern Oregon participating in the Astronomical League. This provides members with a quarterly national magazine, "the Reflector" and many observing project to help beginners to use a hands on approach to learn about astronomy. Umpqua Astronomers also is an active member of the Night Sky network and the Global Astronomy Month. Club members are encouraged and supported in becoming comfortable exploring the night sky.

As Umpqua Astronomers approaches our 30th year in 2016, we look forward to more community outreach by hosting annual spring and fall community star parties with the cooperation of the Douglas County Museum and the City of Roseburg Parks and Recreation. We also plan to continue having club star parties for members and guests to help members learn the sky and how to use a telescope.

Want to learn more about what the Umpqua Astronomers are doing? Check out this website calendar and announcements. Better yet come to the monthly meetings.


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